Gender and Literature/Art

The Scapegoating Motif in Toni Morrison's Fiction: The Bluest Eye and Sula as Case Studies

Tang Xiaoxia
School of Foreign Languages, Nanjing Normal University Taizhou College
Journal of Beijing International Studies University 2013-4

Abstract:According to René Girard's theory of text of persecution and scapegoating scheme, The Bluest Eye and Sula, which contain the age-old scapegoating motif, can be regarded as typical texts of persecution. This thesis is intended to analyze the four stereotypes of persecution in the texts and point out that Pecola and Sula were picked to be the scapegoats and pushed onto the altar to suffer the collective violence in time of crisis. However, their sacrifice failed to effect the redemptive function fundamentally because of the departure and fracture between the context of their self-identity construction and the African-American culture and tradition.
Keywords:The Bluest Eye, Sula, scapegoating motif, text of persecution

Paper type:Published