Gender and Literature/Art

On Spanish Society through Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

Shao Wei
Beijing International Studies University
Journal of Beijing International Studies University 2013-4

Abstract:The films of Almodóvar, a highly controversial Spanish film director, have been widely talked about and discussed in China although they have never been shown here. Chinese people usually misinterpret his films because there are obvious differences in social and cultural background, personal values as well as techniques of cinematic expression between the two countries. In order to correct the Chinese audience's distorted impression and misinterpretation on his films, this article regards Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown, directed by Almodóvar in 1988, as the object of research and explore the authentic meaning behind the movie image. Selecting several elements of the Spanish society reflected in the film, (such as Madrid, religion, characters' spiritual loss, Spanish women and police), the author analyzes the current Spanish society so as to help the Chinese audience to better understand the Spanish culture and society.
Keywords:society, family, loss, religion, women

Paper type:Published