Gender and Literature/Art

The Image of the Black in Toni Morrison's Works

Zhang Ruwen, Liu Yi
Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics
Foreign Language Education 2008-3

Abstract:This paper points out that in 1970s, from the negative images of Pecola and her mother, to the disputable image of Sula who got both praise and blame, and still to the positive image of Milkman who established himself by returning to the black culture, Toni Morrison succeeded in presenting before readers the black group who were wise, diligent, perseverant, and cherished great love for their nation although they had a certain sense of inferiority and some other weaknesses. In this way, Morrison took an active part in researching how to depict the positive images of blacks and show their best to the world, thus realized the aim of the black aesthetic movement of that time.
Keywords:the image of the black, positive, national culture

Paper type:Published