Gender and Literature/Art

Mother-Absence and Maternity-Presence ——Reading of Jane Eyre

Shi Rubo
School of Literature and Communications, Shandong University
Journal of Shandong University(Philosophy and Social Sciences) 2004-2

Abstract:One of the most distinctive characteristics of Charlotte Brontё′s works is that all her novels are haunted by that ` mother-absence′ or `mother-want′ which is the gravest disaster her heronines and heroes have to suffer. But the mother-absence doesn′t spontaneously mean maternal-love-absence. In her masterpiece Jane Eyre, the yearning of Jane for maternal-love is met by a series of mother figures, including powerful Nature. However, maternity is not the ultimate of Jane′s desires, her refusal of motherhood can be sensed here and there from the lines.
Keywords:Jane Eyre, mother, maternity

Paper type:Published