Gender and Literature/Art

Naru People's Night Marriage -- A Legal-sociological Analysis

Zhang Qing, Feng Shujian
Law School, Yangzhou University
Journal of Shandong University(Philosophy and Social Sciences) 2007-5

Abstract:We cannot judge Naru people's night marriage simply in terms of its pros and cons, but we can still understand and analyze it from the perspectives of legal anthropology and legal sociology. Night marriage is characterized by the fact that husbands go to their wives' families at night but stay at their parents home during the day. Night marriage, whether it is considered from the perspectives of belief and practices, or land resources, plays an important role not only in the construction of a modern legal system, but also in bringing about social stability and harmony. This system will last until it is replaced by some other system when it cannot be merged with modern society.
Keywords:Naru, night marriage, beliefs and practices, local land resources, social harmony

Paper type:Published