Gender and Literature/Art

Study on the Theme of Exile in Oba Minako's Literature:Focusing on the War Orphans in Urashimaso

Hou Dongmei
Qufu Normal University
Journal of China Women’s University 2016-3

Abstract:Oba Minako's literary works are filled with elements of various exiles following the Second World War.Oba’s work describes the people who lead a wandering life away from their hometowns without any foundations as"rootless grass". The war brides in Shabby Museum is such an example of Oba's "exile literature", while the Japanese-American war orphan in Urashimaso is another. Urashimaso focuses on one of the remaining problems of post-war Japanese society, namely the issue of war orphans. Besides, it reflects on the harms brought by war, women's fate and life.
Keywords:Oba Minako, the theme of exile, Urashimaso, War orphan

Paper type:Published