Gender and Literature/Art

Research on Lives of Migrant Teachers of Beijing Private School from Gender Perspective

Yu Guangjun
China Women's University
Journal of China Women's University 2015-4

Abstract:After the reform and opening up, the rise and development of private education provided a flow of teachers with spaces and platforms, and private school teachers gradually formed a new social group. Because of differences in gender and social roles, woman teachers in private schools have become a special group among the new social group. Based on a gender perspective, the living conditions of 30 migrant women teaching at private schools in Beijing were studied. There are certain differences between the women and men teachers in private schools in family relations, interpersonal relationships, work motivation, living pressures, and flow paths. Women teachers' living and working pressures are greater, their legitimate rights and interests are more susceptible to exploitation and being damaged. Administrators of the Education Department and women's organizations should focus on women teachers in private schools.
Keywords:private schools, woman teachers, living conditions, gender analysis

Paper type:Published