Gender Equality

Gender equality: The core value and the ultimate goal of maternity insurance laws and regulations

Huang Guixia
Women's Studies Institute of China at All -China Women's Federation
Journal of Yunnan Nationalities University:Social Sciences 2016-2

Abstract:Gender equality is not only the core value of the maternity insurance laws,but also the ultimate goal of its implementation.This paper,based on the theory of gender equality and "two types of production",expounds the role of maternity insurance in social development including material production and human reproduction. Through an analysis of the development of our maternity insurance laws and regulations,plus the interviews with the maternity insurance policymakers in the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China and four provinces in south China,north China,southwest China and northwest China respectively,the paper analyzes the values of gender equality embodied in the maternity insurance laws and regulations of China. At last,the paper makes some suggestions for the improvement of some items in the existing maternity insurance laws and regulations of China,including the confirmation of the social value of reproduction,more investment in women- oriented human capital,clear male's shared responsibilities,the implementation of maternity leave,a good balance between the job and the family,more clear government's responsibilities,and more efficient maternity insurance laws with a focus on gender equality.
Keywords:gender equality, values maternity, insurance, reproductive value

Paper type:Published