Gender Equality

Equality of Men and Women: Rural Grounded Theory Exploration and Community Practice——Interview with the Gender Equality Policy Advocacy and Research Team

Gender Equality Policy Advocacy and Research Team , Center for Women’s Studies,the Party School of the Central Committee of C.P.C

Abstract:During the 20 th Anniversary of the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing and the establishment of China's Basic National Policy on Gender Equity, the journal editors interviewed members of GPART on local exploration of gender equality theory in rural China, the change of traditional patriarchy system, the reconstruction of gender equality, social justice and the achievement of law-based village governance. With an in-depth review and discussion, it focuses on equality of men and women as a starting point and gender equity as the goal of the action research. From entering rural communities to conducting cross-border action research, the team identified the root causes of gender inequality in rural areas, which is the living family and community co-constructed patriarchal system. A bottom-up approach was adopted to revise family and community rules, to empower villagers, especially women and the elderly, based on the concept of gender equality, democratic participation, and self-governing by laws.Through three times of village rules revision in seven years, it brought fundamental changes to an ordinary village in mountain area of central China. A blueprint of new rural development has been reshaped basing on gender equality,orderly management, community harmony, and ecological balance, which has attracted the attention of top levels and is expected to be extended to more rural communities. Another significance of this action research is the local innovation for knowledge production, dissemination, and application.
Keywords:equality of men and women, gender equality, the living patriarchal system, village rules revision, women’s empowerment

Paper type:Working Papers