Gender Equality

Reports on gender views and gender education from Jiangxi college students

Chen Siqin
Nanchang Hongkong University
Journal of XinYu College 2015-2

Abstract:According to the survey of gender events cognitian from colleges of Jiangxi Province, the higher education of college students presented the relative open and tolerant attitude on "female dress" and "male sissy" issues, which reflects more moral respect and the advocate of individual legal rights and legal obligations. As for sexual satisfaction, the vast majority of college students showed a high degree of satisfaction, but there are a few groups expressing their innoer dissatisfaction, and the dissatisfaction between male and female college students reaches the gap of up to 5 times. The gender education courses in colleges and universities in Jiangxi lack, and the respondents show a preference for the courses. As a result, it is necessary that the colleges should offer more courses about gender education.
Keywords:Jiangxi college students, gender events, gender concept, gender education

Paper type:Published