Gender Equality

Investigation and Research on Gender Discrimination in Employment of College Students: A Case Study of Shaanxi Province

Zan Andi, Qu Xia, Zhang Dongmin
School of Economics and Management, Xi'an Technological University
Value Engineering 2016-12

Abstract:With the popularization of higher education and expansion of college enrollment, a sharp increase in the number of college graduates, employment has become the first issue for college graduates. In the process of employment of college students, the gender discrimination against female undergraduates' employment was a especially serious problem, which has become the focus of public attention.By investigation of college students, universities and enterprises on gender discrimination problem, referring to the results of home and abroad, we systematically analyzed the causes, state and effect. Then based on those, we make recommendations from the following aspects:university, employer, government and female undergraduates.
Keywords:female undergraduate, employment, gender discrimination

Paper type:Published