Gender Equality

Value Orientation on Gender Equality and Group Diversity among University Students——Based on Analysis of Survey Data from 13 Universities in Beijing

Wei GuoYing
Peiking University
Journal of China Women’s University 2015-5

Abstract:Based on analysis of data from research on gender equality awareness among students in the capital’s universities, we found that although the majority of students approve values based on gender equality, 30-40 percent are still hampered by traditional culture. Generally, university students possess slightly more awareness on gender equality than common Beijing citizens, though not much. Male and higher educated students prefer more traditional divisions of gender roles and traditional gender values compared to female and lower-educated counterparts. There is no positive correlation between the increase of knowledge and promotion of gender equality awareness. Therefore, we suggest that education on gender knowledge and equality be included in compulsory political courses for university undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral students. Furthermore, socialist core values need to be nurtured among and practiced by university students.
Keywords:university students, gender equality, value orientation

Paper type:Published