Gender Equality

A Reflection on Social Gender in the System of Selecting and Appointing Cadres in an Open and Fair Manner -- Taking Guangxi for Example

He Longqun
Guangxi University for Nationalities
Journal of Guangxi University for Nationalities(Philosophy and Social Sciences Edition) 2010-2

Abstract:The system of selecting and appointing cadres in an open and fair manner is helpful for the excellent women cadres to fully demonstrate their leading abilities. This system is a new mechanism incorporating social gender into mainstream decision-making and promoting the equal development between men and women. However, gender imbalance still exists in practice. For this reason, there's still a long way to go in developing an advanced social gender culture, improving the system of cadre selection and appointment, and promoting gender equality.
Keywords:social gender, selecting and appointing cadres in an open and fair manner, open selection

Paper type:Published