Gender Equality

On the Legislation of China's Postponing the Female Retirement Age

Zhang Na
School of Law, Qufu Normal University
Journal of Hunan Institute of Engineering(Social Science Edition) 2016-4

Abstract:Postponing the retirement age is the effective measure to solve the problems of China's aging population and social pension insurance. This paper analyzes the rationality of postponing the female retirement age and the differences between the female and the male in the physical aspect, working and social aspects. So we should enact the law which stipulates that the female workers and the female cadres both should retire at 60 years old, and the male and the female should retire at different ages allording to their premiumterm. The paper also puts forwars other supporting measures, such as enacting the law of employment protection, promotion of the aging people; building up the network of information services.
Keywords:postponing the retirement age, the female worker, the reform of retirement age

Paper type:Published