Gender Equality

Questionnaire Development and Status Survey of College Students' Modern Sexism

Jia FengQin, Liu DianZhi
School of Education and Public Administration, Suzhou University of Science and Technology;School of Education, Soochow University
Journal of Suzhou University of Science and Technology(Social Science) 2016-5

Abstract:A status survey of college students’ modern sexism has been conducted, the results of which had been measured and analyzed, using aquestionnaire ——College Students Modern Sexism Scale(CMSS)——developed by the researchers. Results showed as following:Concordance coefficient of general scale and subscales were respectively 0. 859 and 0.714~0.820. Test-retest reliability of general scale and subscales were respectively 0.758and0. 631~0.744. The correlation between each subscale and general scale was higher than that among subscales(0. 672~0.800 and 0.326~0.646). The score of CMSS was significantly correlated with Modern Sexism Scale(r=0.386, p<0.001)and Sex Role Egalitarianism Scale(r=0.852, p<0.001). Total average score of CMSS was2.898±0.552 and the scores of Social Sexism Scale and Educational Sexism Scale were significantly higher than those of other three subscales. It had been examined that the reliability and validity of CMSS were good, which could be used to evaluate the gender prejudice of modern college students. The degree of gender bias of male college students was higher than that of female ones.
Keywords:modern sexism, questionnaire development, testing of reliability and validity, status survey

Paper type:Published