Gender Equality

A Study of Normal University Students' Gender Role and Some Education Proposals——A Case Study of Chengdu Normal University

Yan XueYi
School of Education,Chengdu Normal University
Journal of Chengdu Normal University 2017-2

Abstract:In this study there are 533 normal students who filled out the form of " New College Students’ Sex Role Inventory"(CSRI-50)made by Liu Dianzhi.The survey shows that the androgyny proportion in the normal university students is gradually increasing,but there is still some proportion of the students undifferentiated,and traditional single-sex orientation(masculine and feminine)ratio is declining.Widely publicizingthe connotation of androgyny,improving teachers’ and educators’ gender-sensitive education,promotingdemocracy and equality of family upbringing method,correctly understanding self and perfecting gender roles can help normal university students to construct correct gender roles and cultivate bisexual personality traits.
Keywords:normal students, Gender Roles, Androgyny

Paper type:Published