Marriage and Family

Research on on the Effects of Population Structure Changes the Growth of Crude Divorce Rat

Tan Yuanfa
Research Center of China West Economy,Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Population Journal 2015-3

Abstract:To study the effects of population structure changes on the growth of crude divorce rate, based on the divorce registration data of Beijing in 2005 and 2010, this paper decomposes the crude divorce rate by age, sex and age-specific divorce rate. All results are as follows, the crude divorce rate in 2010 increased by 0.23 thousand points compared to 2005, of which changes in age structure of population raised crude di- vorce rate by 31 percent, men and women age-related changes account of 24% and 7% respectively; of which changes in age-specific divorce rate raised crude divorce rate by 69%, men and women age-specific divorce rate changes account of 38% and 31% respectively. These results suggest that women are at a disad- vantageous position in marriage compared with men. In addition, life expectancy tables of marriage shows that the average life span of a marriage in 2010 is 0.7 years shorter than in 2005 ,women's average life span of a marriage is longer than men, but is decreased acceleratedly over the past five years.
Keywords:Crude Divorce Rate, Population Structure, Age-specific Divorce Rates, Average Life Span of A Marriage

Paper type:Published