Marriage and Family

The Relationship between Living Arrangements and Marital Status in the Elderly

Jiao Kaishan
Sociology Department of Minzu University of China
Population Journal 2013-3

Abstract:Based on the longitudinal data, this paper use a random effects probit model to analyze the effect of spouse's death on living arrangements of the elderly and classify its gender difference and age difference. The results show that bereavement has a significant effect on living arrangements, widowed individuals are more likely to live with their children. Further study find that widowhood effect is modified by spousal care. If we control for spousal care, widowhood effect on living arrangements will decrease dramatically. In addition, widowhood effect generally has to some extent gender difference and age difference: the death of a spouse exert more effect on female than male, and on the younger old than the oldest old. Finally, this study suggests that individual unobserved heterogeneity significantly exists in the living arrangement of the elderly.
Keywords:the elderly, living arrangements, marital status, unobserved heterogeneity

Paper type:Published