Marriage and Family

How Reproductive Behavior Affects People's Happiness

Wang Qinchi
China Population and Development Research Center
Population Journal 2015-1

Abstract:Previous studies find that reproductive behavior has negative effects on people' happiness in Eu- rope and North America. Based on survey data of 106 cities, this paper analyzes the relationship between Chinese reproductive behavior and happiness. The result is inconsistent with that of the previous studies. In general, the effects of reproductive behavior on happiness is nonlinear; Children's gender and birth order of gender have significant impact on parents' happiness; People do not benefit from illegal reproductive be- havior. Moreover, the reproductive behavior may have different effects on happiness among people with different gender, marital status and income level. The results suggest that "two children" policy and promotion of gender equality may help to improve the level of happiness, but completely autonomous reproductive behavior may make people unhappy; Some special populations such as "shidu" families should be given insti- tutional supports.
Keywords:Happiness, Reproductive Behavior, Number of Children, Gender Structure, Gender Order,Family Planning Policy

Paper type:Published