Marriage and Family

earing the Second Child Desire of Urban Separate Only Child CouplesBased on the Survey of 558 Youths in 5 Kinds of Industry in Nanjing and Baoding City

Jia Zhike
College of Political Science and Law, Hebei University
Population Journal 2015-3

Abstract:On the third plenary session of the 18'h, the communist party of China made a "decision" that China would carry out the policy of "separate only child couples can have two children". Under this background, it has realistic and significant value to do research on bearing the second child desire of separate only child couples. The data used in this research comes from "Youth Development Survey (2014)" which was carried on Jiangsu Nanjing and Hebei Baoding in March to May 2014, and it chose five major indus- tries, such as "Education, Health and Social Work, Public Administration and Social Organization, Accommodation and Catering Industry, Wholesale and Retail Trade", the respondents are 1028 urban youths who are on-the-job, age is between 18 to 35. This study chose 558 youth couples, comparing with the couples who are both only child and not both only child, it described the fertility desire of bearing the second child of the separate only child couples, and analyzed the 3 kinds of couples' fertility desire. Then, compared with the existing research results, and finally discussed the related factors which impact urban youth couples
plan of bearing second child.
Keywords:Fertility Desire, Separate Only Child Couples, Urban Youth, The New Two-child Policy

Paper type:Published