Marriage and Family

The feminism complex of two lesbians --On the theme of feminism in Rubyfruit Jungl

Lou Yuxia
School of Foreign Languages, Xuzhou Engineering College
Journal of Chongqing Technology and Business University Social Science Edition 2009-2

Abstract:Rubyfruit Jungle by Rita Mae Brown ( 1944 - ) records the process of growing-up of a lesbian. She depicts a positive and optimistic protagonist, which completely overthrows the negative image of lesbians in the previous works. Therefore, Ruby- fruit Jungle is regarded by many scholars as one of the representatives of lesbian literature. However, a close study of this novel shows that, feminism has been elucidated from more than one perspective. Therefore, based on the analysis of contemporary so- cial and cultural background, this article attempts to explore, with the application of feminism, how Brown and the heroine try to break down the gender role restriction imposed by the patriarchal society on female in the following aspects: family, marriage, and employment.
Keywords:lesbian, feminism, gender role, patriarchy family, marriage, employment

Paper type:Published