Marriage and Family

Division of Household Labor and Young Female's Gender Consciousness

Zeng Weifang
Department of Philosophy, Anhui University
Youth Studies 2016-3

Abstract:Family is the main place of human life, and household labor is the primary responsibility undertaken by young female and male in family. As the most primitive social division, the traditional family division of gender has put female in the disadvantaged position in social relationship and family relationship. Hence we need to build a new pattern of family division corresponding to the new society.This article discusses these issues from four aspects, including young female and male's family responsibilities, young female's perception of division of household labor, explanatory factors of division of household labor, and young female's awakening of gender consciousness. Moreover, this paper also answers the questions related with division of household labor in family, and young female's awakening of gender consciousness which is coordinated with the progress of social civilization.
Keywords:Young Female, Division of Household Labor, Gender Consciousness

Paper type:Published