Marriage and Family

An Overview of Same-age Groups' Marital and Family Life from 1950 to 1970: A Demographic Approach

Lu Li
Shandong Academy of Social Science
Journal of Shandong Women's University 2016-6

Abstract:From the perspective of Chinese traditional type of marriage—universal marriage, this study traces the length of first marriage and marital life of same- age female groups' over various ages like 1950 s, 1960s, 1970 s and etc. The findings are as follows. First, the type of universal marriage had been performed by Chinese women for five decades since the founding of new China; their first marriage and marital status usually lasted to the very end of their life; if not for premature death, 60% of Chinese women would stick to their first marriage and keep a spouse for over 50 years; the same- age groups of different ages shared the same pattern. Second, safeguarding marriage was equal to safeguarding family, which was especially true to old women for whom marriage and family were the only support to their aged life. The trivial pension was not so reliable as marital relationships and families. Thus the major reason for Chinese women to cling to and safeguard the traditional marriage norms was to support for their aged life, which is still the simple fact and judgement in the first two decades of 21 st century.
Keywords:the first marriage and marital life of same-age female groups, the length of first marriage, a demographic approach

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