Marriage and Family

Impact of Family Caregiving on Women's Labor Force Participation Since 2000

Lv Lidan
National School of Development, Peking University
Collection of Women's Studies 2016-6

Abstract:Women's labor force participation has great implications for themselves, their families and the entire society. Along with economic reforms and population structural changes in recent decades, demand for family caregiving has drastically increased, aggravating the family and work balance for women. This paper reviews the related literature at home and abroad in order to gain an understanding of the impacts of women's family caregiving on their labor force participation. It finds that both elder care and childcare affect women's labor force participation, and that women would have higher labor force participation when their parents take care of their children.Caring for grandchildren may also have influence on grandparents' decision on retirement, a topic that has not attracted enough attention among researchers. A gender perspective as well as a life cycle theory should be encouraged in future research, especially in the analysis of the impact of long-term family-based care on the welfare of women caregivers and the pros and cons of marketization of care.
Keywords:female labor force participation, elderly care, childcare, family caregiving

Paper type:Published