Marriage and Family

A Study on Ethics of Love and Marriage in Jane Austen's Persuasion

Miao Xuehua
Harbin Normal University
Foreign Language Research 2014-2

Abstract:Jane Austen is a female writer in English Romantic Period. Her last novel Persuasion, a love story between Anne Eliot, a lady of nobility by birth and Captain Wentworth, a young officer, shows rich and profound ethical connotation of love and marriage. This paper discusses the ethical viewpoints of love and marriage in Persuasion from three aspects — love, marriage, and gender ethics. These aspects embody Jane Austen's dissatisfaction and criticism of the traditional ethics of love and marriage, and her attempt to reestablish ideal ethical consciousness. The ethical concepts in Persuasion, constructed by Jane Austen, have progressiveness in her times, but due to the social situation at that time and her personal experiences, those concepts, in the modern cultural context, naturally have one-sidedness and limitations.
Keywords:Persuasion,Jane Austen, ethics of love and marriage, criticism and construction

Paper type:Published