Marriage and Family

Judicial Analysis on Legal Protection of the Rights and Interests of Children in Divorced Families——Basing on the Survey of Divorce Cases Across Jilin Province

Li Hongxiang
Jilin University
Journal of China Women’s University 2016-3

Abstract:The survey is focused on children from divorced families in three areas of Jilin Province with different economic development levels. It also includes information on parent-child relationships and educational environment.The survey is a concentrated reflection of age structure, rights to be maintained, and protection of interests. Results show that the rights and interests of children from divorced families are attracting extensive attention from all sectors of society. When dealing with divorce cases, the court is gradually focusing on protecting the rights and interests of minors while also taking their willingness into account. Therefore, in light of China’s legal system, this article proposes legal countermeasures and suggestions to fill the gaps in legislation and link related legal norms. Thus it is beneficial for guaranteeing child rights and interests while streamlining legislative and judicial resources.
Keywords:divorced family, children's rights and interests, custody, right of visitation, legal protection

Paper type:Published