Marriage and Family

The Return of Migrant Husbands in Chinese Rural Families Where Wives Left-Behind
Uploaded Time: 2013-01-11
Category: Marriage and Family
This paper highlights the significance of husbands, who are migrant workers, returning seasonally for wives left-behind in home villages. The ceremony of homecoming of husbands actually works as a pro...Version: Chinese
An Observation about the Change of Chinese Women's Spouse-selection Idea since 1949 from Literature and Art Works
Uploaded Time: 2013-01-10
Category: Marriage and Family
The spouse-selection is an important phenomenon about mentality, society and culture. It's a most vital choice of individual, so the value of social culture can be reflected by its standard and mode. ...Version: Chinese
An Empirical Research on Marital Satisfaction among Chinese Couples
Uploaded Time: 2013-01-09
Category: Marriage and Family
Using large-scale data from the CGSS 2006 (family volumes), this study aims to assess the level and determinants of marital satisfaction among Chinese married couples. The results show that the level ...Version: Chinese
An Analysis of Marriage Views of the Post-80 Female College Students from Marriage-seeking Advertisement on Life Weekly
Uploaded Time: 2013-01-06
Category: Marriage and Family
These samples have been collected from 289 marriage-seeking advertisements posted by post-80 college students on Life Weekly in 2010, and the author used the method of contents analysis to conduct a s...Version: Chinese and English versions
A Contrast of Reason’s for Divorce during Middle Ages in Western Europe and the Same Period in China
Uploaded Time: 2012-12-31
Category: Marriage and Family
Phenomenon of divorce in the middle ages in Western Europe also existed in China during the same period. The reasons for divorce vary widely. Divorced men and women in ancient China put more emphasis ...Version: Chinese and English versions
Research on the Relief System within Marriage
Uploaded Time: 2012-12-25
Category: Marriage and Family
With economic development, Chinese marital status is not optimistic. The divorce rate continued to rise, which is damaging the interests of marriage, minor children and social interests. Relief system...Version: Chinese and English versions
Summary on Love & Marriage Issues of Female Postgraduate Students
Uploaded Time: 2012-12-18
Category: Marriage and Family
The view of love and marriage issue of female postgraduate students is one of the hot-spots in academia during the transition period in our country. And it’s also an important constituent component i...Version: Chinese and English versions
The Defining of Couple's Faithful Obligations and Its Remedy Methods on Breaching
Uploaded Time: 2012-12-17
Category: Marriage and Family
Couple's faithful obligations are not only the essential requirements of marriage, but also reflect the monogyny in our country. Due to the increase of online love affair and "spiritual affair", the d...Version: Chinese and English versions
Values Orientation in Marriage Law and Its Application
Uploaded Time: 2012-12-12
Category: Marriage and Family
Marriage Law and its application should take ethical principles into consideration, both protecting citizen's rights and interests in married families and facilitating social function of such families...Version: Chinese and English versions
Reflection and Reconstruction on the System of Recognized Parent-Child Relationship
Uploaded Time: 2012-12-12
Category: Marriage and Family
Recognition of parent-child relationship is a basic issue in parenthood law. In traditional law, this consisted of estimation and denial on the legitimate birth, and legitimation and claim to illegiti...Version: Chinese and English versions
On the Ownership of the House Being Mortgaged before Marriage and Registered after Marriage by the Same Party
Uploaded Time: 2012-12-12
Category: Marriage and Family
As far as the ownership of house purchased by mortgage loan is concerned, it has its own features. When discussing such ownership of a house, which is purchased by one party before marriage and regist...Version: Chinese and English versions
Considerations on Personal Relations Regulations of Marriage Law Judicial Interpretation Ⅲ (Exposure Draft)
Uploaded Time: 2012-12-12
Category: Marriage and Family
Provisions of "Marriage Law Judicial Interpretation Ⅲ (Exposure Draft)" relating to personal relations have limitations as well as breakthroughs. Defective marriage registration should not be simply ...Version: Chinese and English versions
Modern Enlightenment of Marital Property Relations in Roman Law
Uploaded Time: 2012-10-15
Category: Marriage and Family
The family patterns' transformation from clan-type family to nuclear-type family in the course of ancient Roman, the concept of authority over the household was gradually replaced by equal marital sta...Version: Chinese and English versions
Divorce Damage Compensation System from the Perspective of Contract Marriage
Uploaded Time: 2012-10-11
Category: Marriage and Family
The traditional divorce damage compensation system was based on tort liability, which can apply only if it fully met elements of tort liability, but it can not resolve the problem of harm caused by no...Version: Chinese and English versions
Study of the Relationship between Spousal Relationship and the Children’s Gender Role Quality of High School Student
Uploaded Time: 2012-09-20
Category: Marriage and Family
The present study selected part of the senior high school students and their parents from three middle schools in the region of Fuzhou as studied objects, applied self-made questionnaires so as to inv...Version: Chinese and English versions
Socialization of Housework: Theory and Practice
Uploaded Time: 2012-09-14
Category: Marriage and Family
During Chinese socialist movement, especially in the 1950's,the purpose of the socialization of housework is not only to achieve women's liberation, but also a resolution to the lack of labor forces a...Version: Chinese
On the Essence of Marriage: Viewed from Relational Contract
Uploaded Time: 2012-09-11
Category: Marriage and Family
Although the marriage autonomy has deeply rooted in the hearts of people, the view of marital contract has received various questions. Relational contract theory provides a new theory angle of view fo...Version: Chinese and English versions
The Legal Dilemma in the Protection of Female’s Health Rights in Unmarried Cohabitation and Countermeasures
Uploaded Time: 2012-04-27
Category: Marriage and Family
Although regulating the unmarried cohabitation has reached a consensus in the circle of marriage law in China,the problem of female's health rights is still being neglected. In judicial practice, many...Version: Chinese
Hu Shi's Love Life—Hu Shi, Edith Clifford Williams, and Jiang Dongxiu
Uploaded Time: 2012-03-22
Category: Marriage and Family
In his emotional life, Hu Shi undergoes ups and downs between the tradition and the trendy, gaining a good reputation from Jiang Dongxiu and a spiritual love from Edith Clifford Williams. One should s...Version: Chinese
An Exploratory Study on Gender Relations Model in Chinese Rural Families
Uploaded Time: 2015-11-28
Category: Marriage and Family
Based on the results of literature review and qualitative data analysis, in this study, the gender relations framework is modified to describe the gender relations model of rural China with 3 compound...Version: Chinese