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How Much We Know the Bearing Desire of the First Only Child Generation
Uploaded Time: 2016-04-08
Category: Marriage and Family
The systematic arrangement and analysis of the current investigation about the bearing desire of the first Only Child generation demonstrates a varied description and a disorder image. The main reason...Version: Chinese
Uploaded Time: 2016-04-15
Category: Marriage and Family
In the church, female believers are in the majority. Women in- fluence the development of the church directly and indirectly. Many women are suffering from marriage problems. This article reads the Bi...Version: Chinese
Discussion on Breakthrough of the System of Justifiable Defense in Family Violence——On the Perspective of Battered Woman Syndrome
Uploaded Time: 2016-04-14
Category: Marriage and Family
The theory of Battered Woman Syndrome has been adopted generally in western countries, which broke through the limitation of the system of traditional justifiable defense and has played an important p...Version: Chinese
Communication and Its Relationships with Marital Satisfaction in Elderly Couples
Uploaded Time: 2016-04-14
Category: Marriage and Family
Objective: To explore the features of communication and its relationships with marital satisfaction in elderlycouples. Methods: 50 elderly couples have been videoed. Self-designed communication Rating...Version: Chinese
The Relationship between Single Parents' Sex-role Types and Children's Social Adaptation: the Mediating Role of Child-rearing Sex-role Attitude
Uploaded Time: 2016-04-11
Category: Marriage and Family
Under the help of the Suzhou Municipal Women's Federation and staffs of community and street office, this research used purposive sampling in Suzhou area and selected 458 single parent families. Struc...Version: Chinese
Urbanite's Fertility of the Second Fetus and Its Impacting Factors in China
Uploaded Time: 2016-04-05
Category: Marriage and Family
Using the data from a survey conducted in Shanghai and Lanzhou (N=1347)in 2007-2008, this paper estimates the factors affecting the urbanits's fertility of the second fetus. The results show that peop...Version: Chinese
Investigation and Consideration of Our Country's Current Situation of the Loss of Only Child in a Family
Uploaded Time: 2016-04-07
Category: Marriage and Family
The loss of only child in a family is a special social phenomenon in our country since the implementation of the family planning policy. With the production and development of the phenomenon, a series...Version: Chinese
On the Reconstruction of American Middle-Class Family Roles
Uploaded Time: 2016-03-29
Category: Marriage and Family
Kramer vs. Kramer is the first film that dramatizes the reconstruction of the traditional middle-class family pattern in the United States in the form of mass media. Through an analysis of the film an...Version: Chinese
The Analysis of the Noble Family Morality in the Industrial Period in Britain
Uploaded Time: 2016-03-17
Category: Marriage and Family
The relationship of noble family in Britain was the extended nuclear family. This article describes and analyses the noblemen's marriage, children, servants and relatives.Version: Chinese
Free Will and Moral Obligation in Marriage Legislation in the Anti-Japanese Border Area
Uploaded Time: 2016-02-24
Category: Marriage and Family
Although a short moment in the marriage legislation history of China, the marriage legislation in the Anti- Japanese Border Area carries extraordinary historical significance in breaking away from feu...Version: Chinese
Analysis of Influencing Factors of Women's Residing with Parents-in-Law
Uploaded Time: 2016-02-25
Category: Marriage and Family
Using data from a 2010 Jiangsu Survey on 5701 married women born in 1971- 1983, the study revealed these findings: 48.55 percent of married women are living with their parents- in- law; Both filial pi...Version: Chinese
On George Eliot's View of Marriage Reflecting from Her Works of Middlemarch
Uploaded Time: 2016-02-16
Category: Marriage and Family
According to the five marriages of the four heroines coming to her masterpiece of Middlemarch, George Eliot, an English writer in the 19th century, was still kind of conservative though her rebellious...Version: Chinese
Analysis of Harmonious Marital Relationships in Different Social Groups: A Survey of Married Women in Tianjin
Uploaded Time: 2016-01-31
Category: Marriage and Family
Harmonious relationship between husband and wife can be affected by many daily factors, including family status, household income, housework, economic power in the family, cohabitation with parents an...Version: Chinese
The Experience of "the Second Sex"——From the 22 Nights in Spring to the Wild Grass Roots
Uploaded Time: 2016-01-24
Category: Marriage and Family
The experience of "the second sex " is paid a good deal of attention in Xu Kun's novels. Xun Kun vividly depicts the women's love and marriage life in the 22 Nights in Spring and the Wild Grass Roots....Version: Chinese
"DINK" Family: Young People's Fashion? -- An International Comparative Study
Uploaded Time: 2016-01-22
Category: Marriage and Family
This article compares the willingness and attitude of the choice to be childless between China and developed countries based on empirical and statistic data. And it also describes and analyses the tre...Version: Chinese
The Effect of the First Generation of Only-Child's Marriage and Birth Desire Made on the Future Population and Family Structure--To Discuss the Feasibility of Family Planning Policy with Zhuang Yuxia
Uploaded Time: 2016-01-23
Category: Marriage and Family
As the first generation of only-child are stepping into marriage and child rearing age, the number of "one only-child family" and "both only-child family" are growing, causing a rebound of fertility r...Version: Chinese
Review on the Only-child Education
Uploaded Time: 2016-01-21
Category: Marriage and Family
According to the analysis on the only-child education research papers collected in China Journal network from 1980 to 2011, we can divided these researches into two types. One is comparison investigat...Version: Chinese
"Intergenerational Parenting Coalition" and Parenting for the Only-child in China
Uploaded Time: 2016-01-21
Category: Marriage and Family
Upbringing of the only-child is an important matter for urban families in China. Following the theory of the "bidirectional model" originally generated in western society, the book China's one-child p...Version: Chinese
The Group Difference of Attitudes towards Intergenerational Support in Contemporary Families: Discussion on the Cultural Basis Changing of Feedback Model
Uploaded Time: 2016-01-19
Category: Marriage and Family
After Analyzing the data collected both in Shanghai and Lanzhou, this paper reveals that supporting parents kindly still maintain a high appraisal level, while the ethic of limitless responsibility fo...Version: Chinese
The Development and Reference of the Family Policies about Child-rearing in Norway
Uploaded Time: 2016-01-18
Category: Marriage and Family
From an international point of view, the Norwegian family policies about child-rearing is not only a benefit for women but also a benefit for children, it is no longer the only concern for families wi...Version: Chinese