On the Consciousness of Modern Women Revealed in the Novel the Scarlet Letter

Liu Min
Shandong Youth Political College, Ji'nan
JOurnal of Jixi University:comprehensive Edition 2013-2

Abstract:By revealing the "edge" of the patriarchal society in which the Puritan hero Hester status profoundly , :Hawthorne criticized the male dominated social misogyny consciousness, and with the story of Hester, the author expressed the strong protest comparison for the fate of helpless and subvert the concept that the "object" is always female, he tries to construct "the Scarlet Letter" for Hester to win a "subject" status in the world. It is through such a female character Hester shaping that make people known the feminist consciousness of the author.
Keywords:Scarlet Letter, modem, sense of feminism, consciousness

Paper type:Published