Maggie, A Different Woman- the Influence of Patriarchy on Williams

Wang Yalei
Guangdong College of Business and Studies
Science 2007-3

Abstract:Tennessee Williams is acknowledged as one of the greatest American dramatists of the post-World War 11 era. Former critics gave much more attention to Williams'women characters and called him the great master of female-creations. Undoubtedly, his women are very lifelike and moving, and the tragedy of those women exposes many women's problems at that time. His drama plays an important role in arousing the independent consciousness of women and initiating the society to pay attention to women. While Williams has his own predicament and confusion, because Williams is a man after all and can not escape from the influence of patriarchy, so my paper goes on to study his latent sense of patriarchy and the influence of this sense on his women images.
Keywords:women images, patriarchy, Maggie

Paper type:Published