Yoshiya Nobuko's Subversion and Deconstruction of Male Hegemony

Peng Xu
Shandong University
Journal of China Women's University 2015-6

Abstract:The Japan in which Yoshiya Nobuko lived was still thought of as a patriarchal society in which women were inferior to men. Nobuko, who was deeply hurt by this, had a deep-seated hatred for patriarchy. This is reflected not only in her words and actions, but also in her literary creations. By describing women's pressures, awakening and resistance in the patriarchal society, Nobuko constructed an unique female textual world, deconstructing the dominance of male hegemony. By using the theory of the patriarchy of feminism to interpret Yoshiya Nobuko's literature, we can find outstanding female consciousness and understand the irreplaceability of her as a writer, particularly one focusing on female writing.
Keywords:Yoshiya Nobuko, male hegemony, subversion, deconstruction

Paper type:Published