The Status Quo of Women's Libral Personality from a Marxist Humanist Perspective

Zhang Ping
Yangzhou University
Journal of China Women's University 2015-6

Abstract:From the perspective of Marxist humanism, women's liberal personality is a state of ego, which means women should shake off the fetters of male ideology and should be independent and creative, realizing their own autonomous will and showing their talents by participating in social work. Although the development of modern women’s liberal personality is characterized by self-esteem, confidence, aggressiveness, enthusiasm and openness, as well modernity, women still suffer from the violation of their bodily rights, are bound by their families and have their appearances restricted and judged, amongst many other issues. Of course, with the development of human civilization, the improvement of social rules and laws, the optimization of ethics systems and social welfare and security systems, as well as with the self-perfection of women's personality, all of the aforementioned issues should be solved at which point women's liberation could be realized.
Keywords:women's liberal personality, Marxist humanism, status quo

Paper type:Published