Eileen Chang's Feminism and Her Appreciation for "Singular Appearance" Female

Pan Li
School of Humanities, Soochow University
Journal of Hefei Normal University 2016-5

Abstract:In Eileen Chang's works, the female characters are depicted with different appearance and posture. Women's life experiences and their spiritual awareness constitute one of the most important elements in her literary creation. Analyzing Eileen Chang's feminist point of view, it is necessary to point out that her moderate stance is not a doctrine of the mean, but the expression of sympathy and her attention to sincere introspection, while she is literally lamenting the living conditions of women. On the other hand, in Eileen Chang's opinion, endless vitality and creativity are the most original and most powerful ability for women to survive, which embodies their real intrinsic value. In those women with "singular appearance", it has a more direct and prominent manifestation.
Keywords:Eileen Chang, feminism, Last Judgment, vitality, "singular appearance" female

Paper type:Published