Reflection on Feminism since the 19th Century: On the Preface of The Making of the English Working Class

Chen Chao
East China University of Political Science and Law
Journal of Shandong Women's University 2016-6

Abstract:The Making of the English Working Class written by Friedrich Engels described the physiological and psychological plight of female workers in Britain in the 19 th century with a detailed description and analysis. The proletarian movement marked by its declaration of female liberation was also the beginning of western feminist awareness and physical liberation. Under the oppression of patriarchy, apital and power,women's self- enlightenment, participation in public affairs and struggle for equal rights have not only been significant social and political issues discovered by the theory producers like Marx, but the result of mixed influence of various theoretical instructions and social movements under feminist thoughts.
Keywords:female workers in Britain, feminism, patriarchy and capital, feminist awareness

Paper type:Published