Mirror Image as Other and Women's Subject Consciousness: A Thematic Study on Changing Places

Zhao Shengjie
Beijing Normal University
Journal of Beijing International Studies University 2013-4

Abstract:In Changing Places, David Lodge depicts the cultural differences between two universities in Britain and America at the end of 1960s. However, these issues—the influence of different environments on individual's self-awareness, repression of women by patriarchy, and women's liberation—are touched upon in the novel. The paper aims to analyse the relationship between different cultural environments together with the being that exists as the other, and self-fashioning to elaborate the mirror effects of the other upon self-understanding. Meanwhile, through analyzing the binary opposition between men and women and the influence of women's liberation movement on the awakening of women's self-consciousness, it shows that the men-centered traditional relation between the two genders obscures the free development of women's existing as the other, so as to illustrate that women can enjoy the real equality with men only by obtaining the independent self-consciousness as a subject.
Keywords:Changing Places,difference, mirror image, self-understanding, women's consciousness

Paper type:Published