Analysis of Translation of Literary Works from the Perspective of Feminist Theory——with the Chinese Version of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan as an Example

Zhang Wen, Lin Fen
Beijing International Studies University
Journal of Beijing International Studies University 2012-4

Abstract:This paper aims to analyze the translation of literary works from the perspective of feminist theory, with the Chinese version of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan as an example. The fiction, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, is a classic of feminism, which describes women's lifelong friendship. Through text analysis, this paper discusses if the female translator has applied the translation methods and strategies of feminist theory and if she has mirrored feminism of the works in terms of the feminist view, translator's subjectivity and the focus on improving women's status. This paper argues that when translating the feminism works, the female translator should reinforce the women's consciousness and positively move closer to the gender perspective of the original text, only by doing so can she better fulfill the translation task.
Keywords:feminism, metaphorics of translation, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan

Paper type:Published