The Beauty of Daily Life Narration——Definition of Chinese Feminist Art Ideology

Huang Lin
Macao University of Science and Technology
Journal of China Women’s University 2016-5

Abstract:Since the reform and opening up, China's feminism has integrated into the global feminist trend and women's art in China has been part of the international feminist art. This paper gives a definition for feminist art ideological trend from two perspectives of the development of Chinese women’s arts and the global feminist trend. According to the paper, from the dilemma of the dialogue between two sexes presented in installation art of Phone Booth by Xiao Lu in 1989, to the comprehensive thinking of gender structure demonstrated Jiang Jie’s sculpture Greater Than One and A Half Tons in 2016, Chinese feminist art trend, not only embodies the fluctuation of the ideological trend, but also reflected the characteristics of Chinese women’s experience. A large number of female artists dedicate to redrawing the beauty of daily life, created three kinds of daily life narrative strategies of the trend of Chinese feminist art, and witnessed the great changes in Chinese people's daily life and women's development.
Keywords:feminist art trend, beauty of the daily life narration, everyday life narrative strategy

Paper type:Published