Gender and Health

Clinicopathologic Analysis of 545 Cases of Female Lung Cancer in Southern Wannan

Gao Jian
Clinical Medicine College of Wannan Medical College
Chinese Community Doctors 2016-12

Abstract:Objective: To explore the risk factors of female lung cancer in southern wannan. Methods: We analyzed the incidence of various ages and the types of lung cancer tissues, and used the SPASS 17 to do the single risk factor logistic regression analysis. Results: The age of onset was 20~87 years old, <40 years old accounted for 5.69%, 40~60 years old accounted for 52.48%, >60years old accounted for 41.83%.Long-term kitchen fume exposure was high risk factors. Conclusion: In the southern region of Wannan, the female lung cancer in 51~60 years old as the peak age of onset, mainly in adenocarcinoma for that age, age growth and long term exposure to oil fume in the kitchen are related to the occurrence of lung cancer.
Keywords:Southern region of Wannan, Female lung cancer, Pathologic typing, Risk factors

Paper type:Published