Gender and Health

Application of Urodynamics in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Female LUTS

Chen Min
Department of Urology, Union Hospital, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong Universitv of Science and Technology
Journal of Clinical Urology 2016-12

Abstract:Lower urinary tract symptoms(LUTS)are common in both men and women. It is a symptom complex that causes significant detriment to quality of life in patients. Female LUTS have not been paid enough attention to in clinical practice. Many women with frequent urination can not get the correct diagnosis and treatment. Urodynamics is an important method for the diagnosis of lower urinary tract dysfunction. In this paper, we will make a brief introduction about the application of the urodynamics in the diagnosis and treatment of female LUTS.
Keywords:lower urinary tract symptoms, urodynamics, diagnosis, treatment, female

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