Gender and Health

Clinical Effects of TCM Comprehensive Therapy on Female Endocrine Disorders

Du Lihua
Henan Province Chinese Medicine Research Institute
Clinical Journal of Chinese Medicine 2016-12

Abstract:Objective: Clinical effects of TCM comprehensive therapy on female endocrine disorders were researched. Methods: 68 cases were selected as research objects. The TCM comprehensive group was given TCM oral decoction plus acupuncture; the decoction group took TCM oral decoction merely. The total efficiency and adverse reactions in groups were compared. Results: Clinical efficacy in the TCM comprehensive group was obviously higher than that in the decoction group, with a statistically significant difference(P<0.05). There was no marked adverse reaction; liver and kidney function, and routine blood before and after treatment showed no anomaly. Conclusion: TCM comprehensive therapy was exactly effective on female endocrine disorders, by significantly improving clinical syndromes, with high safety, and was worthy of extensive application.
Keywords:TCM comprehensive therapy, Female endocrine disorders, Clinical effects

Paper type:Published