Gender and Health

Analysis on Related Factors of Infertility Among 564 Cases of Uygur Female

Li Dejun, Xu Yuwen
Xijiang Jiayin Hospital
Xinjiang Medical Journal 2016-11

Abstract:Objective To investigate the factors and reasons for female infertility in the Uygur population, and to provide clinical experience for the effective treatment of infertility. Methods 564 cases of female infertility in Uygur were reviewed and analyzed. Results There were 185 cases of primary infertility accounting for 32.80%, 379 cases of secondary infertility accounting for 67.20% in 564 case of female infertility. Uterine tube impotency was the main factors in female infertility(accounted for 37.23%), the second factors was genital system infection(25.18%). Genital system dysplasia in primary infertility was significantly higher than that in secondary infertility(p=0.007), the uterine tube impotency and ectopic pregnancy in secondary infertility was higher than in primary infertility(p=0.011 and p=0.005). Lack of sexual and reproductive health knowledge and information was the main risk factors for primary infertility in women. Age and artificial abortion were the main risk factors for secondary infertility. Conclusion Strengthen education of reproductive health of women can achieve the goal of decreasing morbidity for female infertility in the Uygur population.
Keywords:Uygur, Female, Infertility, Related factors

Paper type:Published