Gender and Health

Chcomosomal Robertsonian Translocation and Female Adverse Maternal Relationship

Wei Li, Ni Jing
Jinhua Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinical laboratory
Chinese Journal of Birth Health & Heredity 2016-12

Abstract:Objective: Study of abnormal gestation and birth on the basis of the relationship between Robertsonian translocation and women. Methods: Since June 2008 in our hospital 2482 cases of obstetrics and gynecology clinic women genetic counselors peripheral blood karyotype analysis. Results: 2482 cases of female genetic counselors robertsonian translocation carriers are detected in 18 cases, accounted for 0.73%, among them with rob(13, 14)(q10;q10) is given priority to, a total of 7 cases. The clinical manifestations of these carriers, mainly natural abortion, habitual abortion, fetal chromosomal abnormalities, such as fetal abnormalities. Women Robertsonian translocation carriers, the incidence of spontaneous abortion, habitual abortion rate, incidence of birth 21 children with three body, the incidence of fetal abnormalities and fetal chromosomal balanced translocation rate significantly higher than the normal control group. Conclusion: Robertsonian translocation and abortion, habitual abortion, and the correlation between fetal abnormal chromosome abnormality.
Keywords:Karyotype analysis, Robertsonian translocation, Abnormal gestation and birth

Paper type:Published