Gender and Health

Recurrent Abortion Female Sex Hormones and Karyotype Analysis

Zhu Hang, Zhu HongFen, Qi Hanqin
Jinhua Municipal Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinical Laboratory
Chinese Journal of Birth Health & Heredity 2017-1

Abstract:Objective:To investigate the recurrent abortion woman with an abnormal chromosome abnormality and sex hormone levels. Methods:Since January 2013 in our hospital 864 cases of recurrent abortion female sex hormones and chromosome karyotype analysis. Results:Recurrent abortion women group of FSH, RPL and E2 significandy lower than the normal control group, no difference between the T, LH, and P. In 864 cases of recurrent abortion couples women detect chromosome abnormal karyotype, 58 cases(6. 71%). According to the chromosomal abnormalities can be mainly classified into the following three types:(1) The karyotype of chromosome polymorphism of 49 cases, 84. 48% (2) The abnormal karyotype Robertson ectopic karyotype in 5 cases, accounting for 8. 62% of the abnormal karyotype;(3) The balance of ectopic karyotype 4 cases, accounting for 6. 90% of the abnormal karyotype. Conclusion:Peripheral blood chromosome karyotype and abnormal sex hormones can lead to the occurrence of recurrent miscarriage.
Keywords:Recurrent spontaneous abortion, Karyotype analysis, Sex hormones

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