Gender and Health

Analysis of Mental Health Related Factors of ART in Treatment of the Elderly Infertile Female with One Child

Xie Yaqin, Xiao Hong
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the First Affiliated Hospital, Nanchang University
Reproduction & Contraception 2016-12

Abstract:Objective: To provide scientific basis for the implementation of psychological care for medical personnel by investigating related factors about the mental health of the elderly infertile women with one child. Methods: A self-designed questionnaire, self-rating anxiety scale(SAS) and self-rating depression scale(SDS) conducted on the 110 elderly infertile women to investigate their related factors about anxiety and depression and to carry out Logistic regression analysis. Results: The anxiety scores of infertile women with assisted reproductive technology(ART) treatment(47. 37±7. 36) and depression scores(43. 95±6. 32) were significantly higher than the norm of whole country(P<0. 05). Living in the countryside and infertility caused due to women and couples were associated with anxiety and depression(P<0. 05). Education background, pressure caused by infertility, relationship with mother-in-law work, understanding of related knowledge of assisted reproduction, the influence on their body and the influence on offspring were associated with anxiety(P<0. 05). Pressure and the influence on their body caused by infertility were the risk factors of psychological health for infertile women, while the correct understanding of related knowledge of assisted reproduction was the protective factor. Conclusion: On considering that anxiety and depression are common syndromes among infertile women with ART treatment, corresponding nursing interventions should be done based on the dangerous and protecting factors to improve their mental health level.
Keywords:elderly, second pregnancy, infertility, psychological health

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