Gender and Health

Observation on the Curative Effect of 38 Cases of Urethral Dilation on Female Urethral Syndrome

Yu Dahai
Dept. of Urology, Affiliated Hospital, Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities
Journal of Inner Mongolia University for Nationalities(Natural Sciences, Quarterly) 2005-5

Abstract:Objective:To discuss the function of urethral dilation in the treatment of female urethral syndrome. Methods:38 patients were examined with routine urianlysis, bacteria culture of medistream urine and cystoscope. Then they were treated with urethral dilation. Results:After treatment, 18 cases achieved complete symptomatic relief, and 16 cases did partly. 4 Cases achieved partial symptomatic relief through urethral dilation for a second time. Conclusion:This method is both safe and effective, and is easy and convenient to carry out.
Keywords:Urethral syndrome, Urethral dilation

Paper type:Published