Women's History

LV Simian's View on Women

Ding Boli
College of International Education, Shangqiu Normal University
Journal of Wenzhou University 2012-1

Abstract:LV Simian's view on women mainly reflected in the following aspects: focusing on study of the history of women and marriage systems, deep analysis of matriarchal society and status of women in each nation's early history, criticizing the old view on women, advocating new view on women that focusing on intrinsic quality, and representing new image of women in relative literary works. LV Simian's advanced view on women was formed by the influence of the new ideological trend (including "revolution in historical circle") in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, the impact of thought on the Women's Liberation and the Marxism, the fact that women in south region of the Yangtze River had a high cultural level and played a more important role in the process of economic and social development, and the fact that there were many talented women in his family. LV Simian's advanced view on women had a profound influence on the study of social history and women's history in the 20th century.
Keywords:LV Simian, View on Women, Social History

Paper type:Published