Women's History

A Grain of Sand is A Whole World——A Probe into the Marriage and Love in Roman Society from The Art of Love

Tang MeiHua
Zhangzhou Normal College
Journal of Zhangzhou Normal University(Philosophy and Social Sciences) 2006-1

Abstract:As a famous Roman poet, Ovid didn't get a due place in the history of literature because of The Art of Love which was considered immoral. This thesis argues that the fact that Ovid abandoned the sober motif but absorbed in the love was relative to the society and history background of his times indivisibly. From the perspective of cultural anthropology, this thesis tries hard to give Ovid a historical justness, through the cultural spirit that came down in one continuous line from Greek to Roman, social reality in ancient Roman, the value orientation of Ovid and his essential attitude to female to unscramble The Art of Love.
Keywords:Ovid, The Art of Love, Roman society, marriage, love

Paper type:Published