Women's History

Why Could They Remain Unswerving All Along? A Case Study of 8 Virgins in Ningyang County Annals

Wei Bohe
Shandong Vocational College of Foreign Affairs Translation
Journal of Shandong Women's University 2016-5

Abstract:The 8 virgins' cases in Ningyang during Ming and Qing Dynasties proved that virgins' choice were all voluntary. A variety of factors caused their choice, which should not be simply attributed to the toxicity of male oppression and Confucianism. To make more empirical study on the lives of women, especially virgins in the history, is helpful for us to have more comprehensive and detailed understanding of women's living condition and their ideological vision, thus good for initiating a new social order and culture with both the positive and negative lessons learned.
Keywords:virgin phenomenon, cause analysis, Chinese female history, Ningyang County Annals

Paper type:Published