Women's History

The Champion and Femininity in the View of Imperial Examination——A Case Study for Southern Drama of Song and Yuan

Yang Da
College of Humanities, East China Jiaotong University
The Northern Forum 2016-1

Abstract:Women played an important role in the imperial society, which reflect the relationship between women and the champion in the southern dramas of song and yuan. Before the imperial examinations, they found the money for scholars; after the scholar to the capital city, they had to shoulder the task of taking care of the family and bear the pain of separation. If the scholar can be a champion of high school, they will get the letter of appreciation. The southern dramas stood out female role and the identity of the champion, which was entrusted with the aspiration of trying to change the social status of scholars in yuan dynasty.
Keywords:imperial examination, champion, femininity, southern dramas of song and yuan

Paper type:Published