Women's History

New Research on the Image of Jiao Zhong-qing in The Peacocks Fly to the Southeast——And Influence of the Sexual Thought in the Middle and Late Ming Dynasty

Zhu YangDong
School of Humanities, Yili Normal University
The Northern Forum 2016-6

Abstract:The image of Jiao Zhong-qing has always been controversial. Between filial piety and love, Jiao Zhong-qing for his mother only temporarily to sacrifice love to follow the filial piety at first, Facing this dilemma, Jiao Zhong-qing died to end his own life, can avoid the unfilial charges, but not weak, in fact, behind the weak representation contains a tough and courageous heart. The representation of Jiao Zhong-qing's personality is proved to have the characteristic of the typical image. Jiao Zhong-qing’s love tragedy had certain influence on the thoughts of passion in the middle and late Ming Dynasty, So it has a certain meaning in the history of thought.
Keywords:The Peacoks Fly to the Southeast, Jiao Zhong-qing, filial piety, Neo-Confucianism

Paper type:Published